Frontend Developer
ClimaCell, Inc, Boston MA

Built reactive architecture using Angular 2 and RxJS to create a stable data flow from multiple weather sources after identifying performance / scalability issues.

Engineered real-time lightning layer for minute-to-minute weather map visual using OpenLayers and Google Maps API by implementing full-stack Node.js solutions to connect to databases.

Front End & Javascript Engineer
Fractal Industries, Reston VA

Lead development on large-scale web application platform, create modular and reliable components and architecture using AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS and ScalaDesign user interfaces for Cybersecurity platform and develop usability experience standards.

Engineered scalable components for handling events and interacting with enterprise network graphs; hook-up backend data pipelines using Lift-ng service API’s and async functions.

Summer Immersion Teacher
Accenture/Girls Who Code, New York NY

Taught 20 students a core curriculum of languages including Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS and C++, and ran hands on activities and lectures.

Promoted learning through research, exploration, and testing of ideas to find creative solutions.

Collaborated with Accenture to plan guest speaker visits and prep students for media interviews.

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Usability Engineering Intern
Lexmark International, Lexington KY

Programmed interactive Javascript prototypes to generate dynamic web-pages for usability researchers conducting testing and presentation.

Researched accessibility design for the visually impaired, moderated sessions with users and documented multiple tests via note-taking and camera. Assessed results that affected four enterprise model printers. Findings were presented at the International Conference on Human Computer Interaction 2016.

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Front End Engineering Intern
Lime Brokerage LLC, New York NY

Designed a grid for traders featuring changing a hierarchy's structure, navigation, managing filters and searches of data and displaying aggregate information using Javascript.

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Usability Design Assistant Researcher
Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Assisted professors and inter-disciplinary professionals developing an improved moderation interface with higher efficiency for, an experimental government policy forum.

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Lead Artist
Cornell's Game Design Initiative, Ithaca NY

I was a lead designer for three video games, two for PC and one for mobile. I created innovative and exciting gameplay through effective coordination and user testing on each stage of game production.

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