Iridescence Titlecard


For my class in Advanced Game Design, my team and I created the game Iridescence, where the user controls lanterns that pull a tiny moth closer to the light. This project won GDIAC showcase's Most Innovative award, and is my second year being on a winning team.

Concept Art

For Iridescence, the concept art allowed for me to understand the stype and color scheme of the game. Since we planned on having the game place during night, it was important to understand how our protagonist, the moth, would play into the world. Since moths are usually very tiny, the concept art allowed me to understand proportion for our protagonist.

Concept Reference

Early Moth Designs

Monster Reference

Moth and Bat Designs

Monster Reference

Moth Movement and Lantern Designs


I wanted to have most of the objects of this game have moment, since most of the screen would be dark. The game needed have most of its elements animated to make them stand out from the background. All the lanterns and creatures of the game were animated by myself. Each animation took between 3 to 6 hours in Photoshop Elements 10.

Moth Animation

Moth Animation

Frog Animation

Frog Animation

Green Lantern Animation

Green Lantern (End Level) Animation

Open Flame Animation

Open Flame Animation

Normal Lantern Animation

Lantern Animation

Zapper Animation

Bug Zapper (Short) Animation

Level Screens

Once again, the world development and exploration was very important for this project. The moth can travel to four worlds in Iridescence and this give the game a depth of character and feel. The level backgrounds also devide the difficulty sections of the game.

Sunset Cave Image

Title Screen

Sunset Cave Image

Lonely Grotto

Green Marsh Image

Emerald Thicket

Purple Haze Image

Violet Night


Static object in Iridescence prove to be rare, since I animated most of the objects with flames or lights. There was only one object that proved to be static, and that was the firefly jar. This jar gets filled by the player with animated fireflies, so it proved to distracting to have the firefly jar animated as well.

Puddle Spritesheet

Firefly Jar